What Should and Should Not be Done by Graduate Students

We’ve done our first mid exams. It was awful! But at the same time, it gave us lesson to work hard – well, at least I’ve got that lesson! I needed a few moments before I got my brain warmed up. It’s been a while since my last graduation. But it was worth a try…

Just to conclude a few things that had happened during exam-days. I found out at least 2 stories about copying someone else’s work and paste it ‘just-like-that’ without any changes – known as plagiarism. I saw those people who had no intention to work on their take-home exams, but wishing to get the correct answers by plucking their USB flash disk into someone else’s laptop. I just never thought it would happened in graduate schools!

trent48Well, what my classmates have done was a small case compared to those higher level government elite. They copied others’ dissertations and claimed that to be their original research project. What a shame! But that’s the reality. You may call me Naive, but I always believe in the fruit of hard work. I never believe anything that’s not true from your hard work will last. They will blast in front of your face!

It was sad to see the faces of my friends who had worked so hard to finish their exams and then someone else just copied and printed out without any guilty feeling. Let’s hope Indonesian graduate students can think of a better way to graduate. Without hurting someone else and without losing dignity.

Fingers crossed!

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