I Gave Pat on My Shoulder

Edwin is my classmate and he’s the writer of this comment. I thought he was exaggerating at first… but I have to admit that I was smiling at myself and patted my shoulder (honestly).

The great person to be

Halo, cuma mampir sebentar pengen promosi blog temenku yang kerennnnn banget:

Silakan diklik dan selamat membaca buah karya pemikiran orang yang menurutku benar-benar “psikologi” banget….
Anyway, as an appreciation, I guess I have to promote your blog in English, just like the way you write your blog. This “great” blog contains A to Z of a person point of view, who dedicate herself on educating children, living up her dream, and share her daily life with us, with honesty and truthfullness.
She’s, I think, one in a million person whom we should take a look at and have her as a role model. I never met someone with such “purpose-driven life.” I pray for you that you would achieve what you’re dreaming ever since….

Could you pray for me that I could make my dream come true as well???

original site: Surijah Corner

What a classmate!
What a classmate!


This appreciation made me realize that dreams are something to achieve and they are achievable! Start with a small step, one step at a time. It will amount into thousands of steps at the end. I’m collecting my steps at the moment. Even though it’s hard to keep myself calm and stay in track. Sometimes I just want to fly away for good, something that is impossible to do … because by doing that, I become irresponsible.

Thanks to Edwin …

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