How Deductive a Person Is?

To be honest, I never like numbers (statistics, quantitative or economics!)…

But when I started to study Psychology, I just realized that Psych is one Social Science subject with the biggest amount of statistics. So, I guess I have to deal with that.

Last night, I gave a shot to start reading the lecture materials for statistics. It was like having a nightmare at first. But then, after reading for a while, I started to find the enjoyment of statistics books. I compared that to the materials of quantitative research and started to make questions for myself … how deductive a person is?

For so long, I’m happy with qualitative method to do my work. I did my bachelor’s thesis with pure qualitative method (interview and observation). Then, when I was in UWA, I struggled with SPSS!!! I won’t forget those days… never! Still, I didn’t find the fun of it…

I keep on thinking how broad is statistics to be applied into humanity? Is it that broad enough?

Even though I started to find the fun of stats and quantitative, I still need to find the answer of my question. I don’t think we can classified a person (let’s started with one person) into numbers. Well, for me numbers can help to classify a person with certain type or label. And then what? I believe that we will never be able to captured a person as the same person with numbers. When we talk about Cicilia in numbers, then she will be read as Cicilia1.

What do you think?

*I’m still flipping my book*

One thought on “How Deductive a Person Is?

  1. Hello Cecil,

    I don’t like numbers and I don’t think I would ever like it…. but you can not escape on it ehh??
    I think we should make a book “How To Live Without Statistics”

    well, I guess for now we have to deal with it, and get ready for the exam. I wish we all luck and keep on survive, and be alive until the judgement day……

    anyway you have a nice blog, I expect to read a lot of more fun stuff on your blog…


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