The New Generation of Instant Kids

Yes, you read the title correctly. We are having the new generation of instant kids…

I’ve been working with parents for about 3 years and I started to be able to read between the lines. Parents nowadays want to have brilliants kids with minus efforts. What I’m saying here is the fact the parents want to exclude failure from the formula of Successful Kids!

If the old saying said that failure is the best teacher, then parents nowadays say that failure is not an option. There are only 2 ways of making this happen. First, parents tend to help their kids by providing any equipments, materials and even answering sheet just to make their kids be the top of the class. They even forge the documents or papers, so their kids will be able to go for favorite college or university. Second, parents will push their kids hard! School, tutorial and extra courses are the only things that kids allowed to do. No more outdoor play, free play and private times to do their hobbies. Sadly enough for this generation.

If parents really want to have successful kids, then they have to re-formulate the formulation that has gone wrong. They need to put their hearts in it! Don’t bother with favorite schools or college, because your kids can learn from any sources, from daily lives and from their very surroundings. As parents, we can help them to gain as much knowledge as they need and not merely stuck in academic achievements.

When kids grow, the problems don’t end. Teenagers nowadays are much fragile compared to the previous generations. They have no ability to show off of who they are and what they can do competently. Now, who’s to blame? Those parents or caregivers who provide the teenagers with whatever they need and dismissed the chances of handling their own problems.

Parents hold the key : to make their teens competent in what they are doing … or make them as incompetent adults.

Your choice, parents!

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