Reality Therapy (4)

-Last article about the therapies used by David Goodwin-

This therapy was developed by William Glasser. It concentrates on the present state of the clients and not merely focusing on the past. Counselor believes that client (even when your client is a child) can control their behaviors and the actions that they take. There is 3R important points: client needs to face the reality and have a responsibility to control their behavior and understand whether it is right or wrong.

Clients need to understand the reality that they are facing and what kind of actions that they have now. It is focusing on the present behaviors. Clients also need to understand the effects or outcomes that may affect themselves and/or others by doing that behaviors. At the end, clients have to ‘judge’ whether their actions are right or wrong. This judgment have to be done by the clients themselves, not by the counselor, because this therapy avoid criticizing, blaming and/or complaining.

What is to do next? Planning a possible behaviors.

Clients need to learn on how to make choices for themselves. Choices are made with consideration on -once again- the effects and the possibility of doing it. By knowing the effects of their behaviors, clients will learn to consider about the future actions taken. They will not make careless or emotional actions, because now they know the effects of that behaviors. By knowing the possibility of doing future action, clients will understand that they can help themselves and they need to be patient in doing so.

This approach is one of the cognitive approach in psychotherapy, because clients have to think what is best for themselves.

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