Group Counselling

Individual counselling has been known in therapy and other types of counselling, namely: in the church, in the cafe, during break time, etc. But, do you know that group therapy works well when handled by those who are expert? It can help the members not to feel alone and learn from others’ experiences too. When someone, let’s say being addicted to drugs, he may not be able to go out and join others because he feels alone. He may thinks that he’s the only who has been addicted to drugs and has no one to help him. By joining a group counselling, he can share his experiences with others and get support from others too.

In another case, group counselling may help someone who feels that he’s the one to blame for what had happened. It usually happens in sexual abuse cases. A little girl may blame herself for being raped because she was not able to help herself in that incident. Even though, clearly, it was not her fault, she will bring that feeling for so long, until someone can help her. Being in a group counselling will bring her self-confident back and boost her capability to show herself as a full-functioning person.


Besides sharing as a group, doing drama is proven to be helpful. People will learn other people stories through drama. The members of a group counselling can do the drama themselves. It will be a very useful tool in counselling.

On the next article, I will write more on Play Therapy in children.

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