School of Children Counseling

I went to this 5-day school of children counseling with David Goodwin from Kidsreach in Australia and NZ. At first, I did not really know what to do or what will happen in that event. I just helped the committee to translate the original book (which was in English) to Bahasa Indonesia. Then, I got an offer from them to come and join the seminar. I agreed because I still have 2-week-off from school. Now, I feel blessed because I was there. Apart from being busy, I learned a lot about children counselling. I will divide the stories or report (whatever you name it) into a few articles. So, just enjoy it!

with David Goodwin and other participants
with David Goodwin and other participants

David Goodwin is a senior pastor in both NZ and Australia. He’s been working with children in counseling for more than 30 years. He’s an expert to combine the methods that we have been known in the world of psychology or counseling AND Christian Ministry. So, the children will be helped through counseling and also Christian values. But, don’t get me wrong. He’s not a type of pastor who’s merely believe in prayer and miracles without doing something about the issues that the children face. He always finds a way out for the children from their problems … and at the end, he will pray for them.

working with David was awesome
working with David was awesome

I feel so lucky for the rare opportunity of working with David. We talked and shared a lot of things about children, ministry and psychology. How the adults and the world treat children so badly, and therefore, they grow up with self-destructive behaviors and being destructive to others as well. This seminar was covering the topic of abused children who are angry, hurt and live in despair and how we can help them using professional therapy, such as: Rational-Emotive Therapy, Reality Therapy, Behavior Therapy and Client-Centered Therapy (his favorite above all!).

He also asked me on the topic for my upcoming thesis (within the next 1.5 years!). So far, I can think of depression or anxiety in primary school-aged children due to the load of school-work. He agreed that children nowadays have no time to play and be children, act as a child and enjoy their time as what it used to be…

I will write more on the next articles!

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