I’ve been to many funerals of my family members and friends. But this was different…

My friend’s mother passed away last Tuesday. She was the only child and her mom gave birth to her when she was 44 years old. So, when you do the math, her mother is (now) 70 years old, while my friend is only 26 years old. They used to have misunderstanding between them because of the wide generation gap that they have. One thing that I can grab from my friend’s eyes is the grieving. She looks strong and yet hurt. She hides her emotion behind her smile. She is having a deep grief… behind those eyes.

It’s normal to be sad when we are losing someone that we love, namely family, friends, and those who are close to us. It’s normal to cry, scream, being hurt and grieving. It’s normal to show our deepest feeling.

But then what will we do after the grieving period?

We should be able to say: It’s Over!

Grieving is a process when we feel worry, lost and sad because people that we love had gone forever. We feel that we will not be able to stand up again, to face the world and living our lives like what we did before with those people that had gone.

Grieving is normal – but it can be abnormal when it fails out existence as human being. When grieving people become socially unaware of their surroundings and depressed, it will affect their other aspects of life. It will decrease their ability to work, study and even doing their daily activities.

I believe that my friend will overcome her grieving process. She may cries alone in her room and pray for her mother. I believe that she understands that crying is not forbidden.

I learned a lot this time.

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