School-based mental health programs – will it work?

That question has been in my mind for these past few days. The education system in Indonesia desperately need a positive change that may boost the quality of school, teachers and their teaching style and also, the students.

Training for teachers in this issues may need to be done soon because teachers serve as the central agent of changing in the classroom and curricula. In order to get a positive change in the school system, teachers need to show their sustainability and fidelity to implement the intervention or prevention programs that they get from the training. It is not as easy as how it used to be, because many times the teachers need to ask their own belief in their capability to affect students performance and have strong influence in school system. When teachers are able to motivate themselves, then it’s possible for them to produce students’ successful behavior output in their classrooms and school.

Another problem that may occur is the lack of funding in school. So many schools in Indonesia are having the same problems, so they not send their teachers in any trainings or seminars, even though they are aware of the possible positive outcomes from the trainings and/or seminars.

Teachers’ judgment of their students’ behavior and of the acceptability of the program also affect the sustainability of the implementation. When teachers think negatively on those two issues, then it will affect their interest and willingness to implement the programs.

So, for all the teachers out there – are you willing to be the agent of changing? Because your students need you to do that!

Way to go, teachers…

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