Getting In Too Deep

A friend of mine shared his view on how a relationship should grow deeper in times.

When we are friends, we know how to treat them well … share a joke, hang out, go to theater and enjoy your own popcorn.

Best Friends from Perth
Best Friends from Perth

When we are best friends, we understand them even better … cry together, share a hug, treat them dinner and turn on the TV all night to accompany a night long conversation.

When we are lovers, we share even deeper … daily chatting into grave sadness. The lowest low into the highest high of life experiences. Conversation on silly stuff into serious matter… almost everything.

When we are husband and wife … everything is open in front of you …

Just remember at what stage are you now … don’t get into deep into someone’s life. It may hurt the person, even though you may have good intentions. Getting into deep in the wrong time and wrong position may bring down the relationship that you have built for long.

Where do you stand right now?

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