CSI and Why Do I Love It

Las Vegas
CSI : Las Vegas

I’m a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) freak. I can miss other TV shows but not CSI series: Las Vegas, New York and Miami.

A friend of mine asked me on why do I like to watch CSI?

For me, it’s not about the crimes or the plots, but it’s more about the motives. I really want to know on what people think when they decided to kill or hurt others. It might be connected with my study in psychology, but yeah, I learned a lot from these series. Beside it has been designed to always found the evidence (a small piece of fabric, hair, drop of sweat, etc), I never found any reasons to dislike these series.

CSI : Miami

Sometimes people kill because of jealousy. Other times they would kill for money, fame and popularity. Imagine a girl smiled when she was handcuffed and being reported on national TV stations. Or a serial killer who killed her victims because she was triggered by bleach!

When I watch these serials, I always think within myself about who’s the killer and what is the motive. A girl could kill her neighbor with a pen just because she wanted her neighbor’s cat. Something unimaginable for most for us, but it happens out there. Or a story about a couple who wanted to kill themselves because they had debt on their credit card agencies. It was almost done, the girl died right away after she inhaled CO2 gas, but the guy wasn’t die, so it was not a happy (suicide) ending.

I just wish, when people watch these series, they won’t do the same tricks or methods, but rather think thoroughly before they take action … on hurt or kill others.

New York
CSI : New York

6 thoughts on “CSI and Why Do I Love It

  1. I’m a CSI freak to! My friend always rolls her eyes whenever I talk about it. I also make posters and bring them to school. I found out if I bring them to school and with me every class I pay attention more. I used to not pay attention because I was always thinking about CSI, I always got yelled at. I also watch Castle, Medium, Blue Bloods, and The Mentalist( other crime shows) they are the only shows I watch!

  2. Hi Hannah and Sarah!
    It seems that we do have a lot in common! CSI the series and the similar drama series … I watch Castle and Criminal Minds too …
    Well, priority is still need to be done. When it comes to school, we better put that first – above CSI, unfortunately.

    Have a great weekend, girls!
    I believe FOX has weekend marathon of those series that we love!

  3. I also watch Castle my favorite episode was called Nikki Heat.
    And yey we got to put school above csi i get caught alot starring off into space thinking of my favorite episodes.

  4. I also love why you love the series, see i’m weird cause csi is all like science and stuff so you think i would like science but i never pay attention in science the shows make it more interesting then just a teacher talking.

  5. I think I’m going mad over CSI I started taping pictures all over my wall it’s almost completely full of pictures
    I also want to thank you ’cause this is the website i go to when i want to talk about csi

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