Watching The Olympic

Beijing Olympic owns the world attention. From the mega spectacular of opening ceremony to the controversial of lip-sync in that ceremony. The opening ceremony has been claimed to be one of the greatest and the lip-sync was not the first incident to happen in international events, even one of the biggest musician did lip-sync on 2006 Winter Olympic in Turin.

The singer and the performer
The singer and the performer

I thought being unfair to a seven-year-old girl who claimed to be chubby and has problem with her teeth is something terrible to do. Comparing those two girls is like comparing a tea cup and a wine glass, because they are different. The performer of ‘Ode to the Motherland’, a 9-year-old Lin Miaoke has been instant superstar in China. Meanwhile, the real singer, 7-year-old Yang Peiyi has to hid behind the scene.

People say that it was a world class fake. China has been known as a master in copying and faking products. Well, it helps millions of those who need works, but faking the performance on this world class Olympic is something different.

There is a wish from Peiyi’s tutor, Wang Liping, she hoped that when the new school year starts in a few weeks that Peiyi will be given an award in front of the 3,000-plus students — and that Peiyi and Miaoke would sing “Ode to the Motherland” there together.

Let’s hope something good is happening to Peiyi…

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