Counselling Session

It’s common to see people share their experiences to others and vice versa. Share about work life, love life, children, boss and many more. The point is to share with a hope that it can help others. It is easy to tell a story for those who are known as extrovert, but what about those bunches of introvert people? Do they need certain techniques to be able to share their thoughts?

Counselling is a two-way communication between clients and therapists. It can be done formally in the office or informally in the cafe, restaurant and other places. The point is to make clients comfortable enough to share their thoughts or problems.

In daily setting, ‘the counsellor’ is known as the armchair psychologist. It explains the informal setting in that process. Formal or informal setting is not the problem, the main thing to be noticed is the capacity of the counsellors.

Some characteristics of counsellors are:

  • being emphatic
  • encouragement
  • support
  • caring
  • attention
  • acceptance
  • genuineness

In my practicum last weekend, I’ve learned that couselling is very interesting. In a depth counselling session we can dig deep into the core problems that bother the clients. I’m on a process to be a counsellor and I will do my best to be a great one!

The sofa
The sofa

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