Schizophrenia : What’s What?

Schizophrenia is known as the most deadly disorder that caused individual’s impairment in life functioning skills. There are abnormalities in a person’s cognitive, affective and behavior performance. It usually seems as loosing connection between one’s perspective of the world AND the real world. People may see them as crazy, but I don’t think no one deserve to be called that way.

Common symptoms of schizophrenia are hallucination, delusions and demonstrate disorganized and unusual way of thinking. These symptoms known as Positive Symptoms or easy-to-spot behaviors.

People with schizophrenia also experience a moment when they feel lack of motivation and emotional response or flat affect. In this period, they may dislike all their daily activities and even their favorite hobbies. This symptom is called Negative Symptom. They may give the unexpected response, such as: laughing out loud on a funeral or continue giggling without any reasons.

The symptoms usually emerge on late teens or young adults age. A time when a person needs to be independent and living by themselves (move out from parent’s house). A time when a person needs to execute their own decisions and supposedly be able to support themselves.

Hearing Voices
Hearing Voices

Schizophrenia is incurable and still unknown in the cause or causes. It may be the combination between genetic and environment. The treatment for schizophrenic is made to bring a person back to his/her normal life, in which he/she can do any normal activities, like they used to do. Even though it is incurable, by giving antipsychotic medicines and social supports, numbers of schizophrenics are going down the hill. They can bring themselves back to the community.

It is an assignment for all of us: counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist and people in the community to give a never ending social supports for people with schizophrenia. It will bring hope for them.

Way to go!

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