What A Teacher Can Do?

I’ve been teaching for these past 3 years. At first, it never crossed my mind that I would end up teaching and dealing with children in everyday life. It turned out that I Like this job. I love the times when I can laugh together with my students. Or the times when I have to be discipline in order to complete the responsibility in the class, for their good.

Monday Class (missed 3 students)
Monday Class (missed 3 students)

My background was not in education, but psychology. I started to love teaching when we held a project called PROJECT KIDS in UWA – Perth, Western Australia. It was part of my thesis project. I had to administer some programs to school age children. In that program, I have to talk to them, give instructions, play with them during break and laugh with them (we had dancing times every day!).

What I want to write here is the many things that we can do as a teacher… (not from books, but from class experiences):

1. We can a good role model – students tend to idolize us in many ways. – Ms. Cicil says that we have to raise our hands and say excuse me before we are talking in the class- Therefore, as a teacher we need to behave positively in front of our students. Be careful before saying any words and be aware that children are looking at you all the time.

2. Respect others – when we respect them, then they can learn to respect us, and most of all, to others.

3. Learning life lessons – children need a lot more reality programs in everyday life. I love to watch movies that are based on true story, so my students can understand the other side of living a life. Children tend to use their own understanding to view things (as in their list of developmental tasks). By giving them broader knowledge and understanding, it will help them to understand more about life…

4. Laugh and Laugh – it’s not breaking the laws to laugh with them! They can sense the feeling of laughing from the heart. Children can tell when we are faking our laugh.

5. Share the love – When I told my students that I will do my masters, he said, “I wish you are not accepted in your interview and tests. So, you will back to teach me”. I was flattered and touched. It seems that I had left such a big impact on my students’ lives. How I love them…

Best Teacher
Best Teacher

The list can go on forever, so I won’t go any longer. I wish all teachers out there always remind themselves on how important they are for their students!

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