Conversation with An Old Man

I was in a train. My first time in this train. I took so many trips with trains before, but this time I have to admit that I regret it. I regret it because the train was dirty, smoky and windy. Smoky because people can smoke inside the train. Windy because they have those open windows all the way down to my hometown. People can sit wherever they want without a need to check on their seat numbers. Well, what else to expect?

With his old man
With his old man

But I was grateful when I found an empty seat beside this old man, on his late 50s I guess. He was very nice to me and he accompany me during the trip. He told me stories about his own family, his friends, his workplace and many more. I found out that we still be able to learn about someone else’s life everywhere, even when we stuck in the train.

He’s been working hard his whole life. But he never complained. He always be grateful with what he has. Even in his age now, he has to work to support his family. He said that he never afraid to lose a job, because he has skills. He worked as a shoemaker in one of a big shoes company in Indonesia and now he’s working as shoes repairman in one shopping market. He has to travel to Malang every two or three weeks because his wife is taking care of her mother (his mother-in-law) and she couldn’t accompany him in Surabaya. For me, it is an unfortunate, but for him, it’s his wife’s responsibility to taking care of her mom sincerely. Wow! I learned my lesson again today…

He also said that people will always look at our commitment, how can we keep our promises to others. When we can keep our words, then we need no worry, because others will trust us. It is very important to commit to what we have said. For me, he may not have a degree at school because of his economic life, but he’s a wise man. And I’m grateful to meet him today.

Be Thankful
Be Thankful

This old man had taught me to be grateful in this life. Bad things may happen to us (as always), but we can’t stop to be thankful for our life. It’s a choice to use which point of view to see our life. If we choose to live our life happily, then we can be happy constantly. If we choose to be mad of our life, then we can’t be so grateful to live this life.

He believes that life is so beautiful … and so do I!

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