Choosing a Path to Live

Living a life is not a choice. Before we were born there was no choices offered. But, after we were born, we have so many choices in our hands. We can choose to be happy, thankful, thoughtful and careful. Or… we can choose to be grumpy, bad-mood-ON, thoughtless and reckless. It’s your call to make a choice.

If we are choosing a path to be happy, it means that we are trying hard to see at the good side of everything that may happen in our lives. Bad experiences are not a choice, but learn from that experiences is a CHOICE. Of course we can choose to be grumpy and unhappy all the time. We can curse God for sending problems, painful memories and sadness. But then, what we will be? One of those 7 dwarves, i guess…

A Thankful Heart
A Thankful Heart

If we are choosing a path to be thankful, it means that we considered ourselves to be blessed, no matter how hard life would be, we always know that we are blessed. Many others who are living out there are much more miserable than our lives. Do we need to do constant comparison with others? What we will be then? The picker of indefinite lives…

If we are choosing a path to be thoughtful, it means that we are aware of what we are doing and think carefully on every step that we will take as a reaction to some events. We can choose to let experiences drown to the sea without any thought on it. But we can choose to have some thoughts and learn from our past. Why? Because we can learn to be wiser. We were not born as a wise man. But it’s a choice to be WISE…

If we are choosing a path to be careful, it means that we are looking at others and surroundings before we take action. It’s not about ourselves all the time, it’s about others as well. We can’t live without others and they can’t live without us. So, better be careful when we are going to take some decisions or actions toward others…

The Road Sign
Paths to Choose

So, which path will you choose?

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