Community Life

KRK TOM 2004 - Perth
KRK TOM 2004 - Perth

No one can live by himself. No one can fight this world by himself. No one can conquer his personal legend by himself. There must be people out there who help us in many ways, seen or unseen.

I’ve been living my life as a part of community since I was very young. Just to name a few: scout, school magazine team, school organization, traditional music performers, volleyball team and Catholic youth groups. I just can’t let myself live solitary in this world. Community life bring me to the max of my capacity, because I can do more than I did for myself. I can push myself more when I’m surrounded with people who need my help (and vice versa).

with AIYEP participants
with AIYEP participants

The benefits of living in community life are too many to mentioned.

  1. As a part of community life, we can gain support and positive feedback to enhance ourselves. Community support us with feedback and support in order to help us grow more beautifully.
  2. We can contribute into community with our talents, so it will make us more confident of ourselves. Not to be proud, but to realize our existence and in which ways we can help others.
  3. We can share the experiences of being together in a group, in which we can feel the same happiness, the same sadness and laugh when we already walk through that experiences together.
  4. We can learn others’ experiences as well: the fall down, the up high, the dark moments and many more. From that sharing moments, we will learn new things as well. It will help us to understand more about life and the world that we’re living in.
  5. Having a 2nd family.
My family in Outbond Activities
My family in Outbond Activities

Be part of a community and you will experience the benefits mentioned. All you need to do is make sure that you want to blend with others to gain more knowledge and understandings.

Welcome, mate!

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