Children on Reuse and Recycle Activity

The issue of global warning is on the top of our roof. While we are struggling hard enough to maintain the long life of our earth, we can start to prepare our children to save the earth too. They may be not understand on how the climate change is affected by our daily habits. But they can start to understand that by what we do. We can help them to understand…

Let’s start with the unused materials that can be reuse and recycle, such as: old stickers, sticks, straws, old buttons and cut-outs from gift wrap.

Unused Materials
Unused Materials

On one of my classes, my students brought many things considered as unused. They also asked to bring their favorite family photo. The activity was to make frame for their favorite photo. The objective was simple, to make children understand that we can reuse many unused things to save this earth. As long as we can keep the activity to be interesting enough, then children will not get bored with what they do.

Working on the frame
Working on the frame

Children are creative. Their imagination can fly high upon our thoughts and they always have surprises for adults, like us.

Creative Frame
Creative Frame

They always love activities that enjoyable and yet, full of knowledge. Be prepare with questions that they may ask while doing activities together.

What They\'ve Done
What They Have Done

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