Review : The Holiday

The Holiday

Let me be a bit unusual tonight. I just watched a movie titled The Holiday in HBO this afternoon. I always hate drama, because for me it always end up with easy-to-predict ending. But I have to admit that I love this movie (even though it’s very drama). The story is a no-brain (my cousin’s word, not mine!), because it’s all about love and a happy ending.

What touch me so deep is a confession by Graham (Jude Law) that he’s a GREAT WEEPER. Yeah, he is easily weeping by movie or story. When he confessed to Amanda (Cameron Diaz), he did not seem ashamed to admit that. For me, that’s a quality of a man that has been swept away by century-old claims of men that they don’t cry. (Besides, he looks perfectly handsome in that scene…)

Jude - Cameron
Cameron - Jude

Love is really a never ending topic for everybody in this earth. I said everybody, because it is. Love always has a way to express itself in different color, language and places. It always finds its way… Love is like water that can go through the smallest space.

Before I get too far, I just want to say that I am touched by this no-brain movie (my cousin’s word, not mine!) … because it is really nice to feel all those kinds of feeling: happy, sad, disappointed, lonely and many more, so we can understand more about ourselves (sorry, if I’m driving you all into my space in psychology).

Kate and Jack
Kate and Jack

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