Veggies Day

Selling Veggies

The issue of children hate vegetables (a.k.a veggies) has been known since I was a child myself. Experts on child health has brought this issue to parents, so they can prevent this situation to happen to their children and to share their own experiences, for parents who has this problem within their family.

On one of my classes with 18 young students, I decided to talk about vegetables. We started with familiar veggies. We talked about the shapes (what vegetable looks like skinny snake?), size (what is the smallest bean that you ever seen?), smell (yucks! this green thing is very smelly!) and -finally- the good of eating veggies.

discussion on veggies

skinny snake

They were amazed to see, touch and smell that lots of veggies. They thought it should be done by their mothers or helpers at home. All they know that veggies were something that not really yummy and tasty. By giving them knowledge about veggies, children will learn the positive sides of eating veggies (see the photo below – when they acted as body builder).

Body builder

I think as parents, caregivers, teachers and adults, we can help our children to enjoy veggies as much as we do. The early knowledge on veggies come from us. We can deliver stories on how good veggies for our body, or watching movies in which the superhero eat veggies (let’s say Popeye!). We can ask them to join us when we are going to the market or supermarket. When children get used to it and they feel familiar with veggies, they will -at least- try to eat.

Way to go, parents!


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