From This Side

Life always has 2 sides of everything.

Up and down. Left and right. Right and wrong. True and false. Rise and fall. Happy and sad.

From my side:

I see that out there is gleaming like rock meets the sun. I see that the joyous of the crowd is never ending. I see that the rich is getting richer. I see that money is the key to everything. I see that they can find happiness so easily.

From your side:

You see my life as a simple life. No hard work is needed, no barriers against my journey, no such thing called as pain or sorrow. I always look happy in your eyes because I always put a smile on my face. You see me as a happy fairy, just like the one you read on a tell-a-tale book.

Life is not just ‘according to you’ or ‘according to me’ because life has its own meaning. When you think you know how others feel, that is the moment to ask yourself, ‘Do I really understand this person?’ or ‘Do I think I know this person?’ Note the difference. They are two different kind of point of view.


From my side:

I wish I could understand people better that I do today. I wish I could hear the whisper in their prayers. I wish I could listen to what they keep inside. When I see it through, I know that people suffer more than I think and more than I can imagine.

From your side:

You wish you could understand people better than you do today. You wish you could be the ‘shoulder to cry on’ for everyone. You wish that you could understand the suffering that across your eye sight.

When you think that you could be the shoulder to cry on for everyone, then you have to ask yourself, ‘Do I have a heart to give?’ or ‘Do I think I can do it?’ Once again, note the difference.


From this side:

To understand others better, we must use the same perspective that they use to capture the moments of their life. We must walk on the same shoes with those people. We must live in the same life as they do.

The question is: Can we?

August 5, 2007

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