Creative Process of Future Designers

Fashion Designers

Holiday Program 2008

Talking about the glamorous life of designers, I always imagine a person who is wearing high-end brands from top to toe (sometimes I watch Kimora: Living in a Fab Lane). A designer must know everybody’s names, their masterpiece and how to beat them in the competition. But within this week (June 16-20, 2008), I realized that future designers were born. They did not care with the brands. They did not pay attention to others’ design, because they just did what they like in a way of making their own pieces. The children were my students who joined in Holiday Program this summer. The idea of making their own wardrobe came into my mind a few months ago. I thought it would be great to let the children create their own ‘brand’ of clothes: dress, pajama, shorts, skirt, T-shirt and many more. They worked hard to get their design done by using simple materials, such as: straws, paper with different color and design, glue, beads and wire.

Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08

I imagined that they would be excited to pour out their own ideas into something real. And they did! Some girls were testing themselves to the limit of being patience while doing their designs. Glue the beads on the paper dress, draw some unique patterns and arrange the clothes in the cupboard. Meanwhile, some boys felt enough with the simplicity of their designs. They did not into details, I guess. No matter what, they did an excellent job and they pleased with their own masterpiece.

Jeanna Jeannie Matthew Maureen Patrick

Clay Artist

After doing the works of world known designers, the children put themselves into dirty work. They were acting as clay artists. I explained the materials that we would use and helped them to mix the gypsum and water (it was kind of hard work, because the composition must be precise or else the gypsum would not dry). They chose their favorite pattern of animals or food and then wait until it was dry. I have to admit, when children want something so bad, they can be very persistent and very patience. For teachers and parents, stop promising to your children when you don’t have any intentions to make your promises come true.

Many of the patterns were in bad shapes. They were broken, wet and stuck inside the molds. But the children were never giving up. They kept on trying and trying. On the first try, I bought the wrong powder! So, it was all messed up. I apologize to them and get the correct powder (the gypsum). The children worked hard to help me dry up all the wet patterns. They put it under the sun (they were sweating) and used the hair dryer too. Two thumbs up for your hard work, guys!

Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08

Painting was the most messy moment. They spread the paint everywhere (thank God I didn’t need to use cleaner to scrub my ceramics!). But it was worth it. They enjoyed the process very much. Even if they had to wash their hands a few times before they can get the works done.

Look at their happy faces!

Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08 Holz Prog 08

And they’re done!

The creative process of being a designer isn’t merely put a price tag on the design, but to be proud of oneself because he/she is able to create such design. The children are the future of ours, so we better prepare them to create their own creative world full of bright ideas and happiness.

Please, welcome the future designers!

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