My Miracle

Carmelites – Batu

March 3, 2007 – 0647 pm

People always imagine that miraculous events happen when surprises are real. People often describe miracle as the great of all – sick people healed, blind man can see, the death resurrection. But is that all? Are we blinded by all those fantastic stuff and simply forget all the simple things?

I found my miracle just now – when I made a glass of coffee in the middle of this cold monastery. I always used a clear glass to make coffee instead of a cup, so I can see clearly the color of my coffee and feel the heat in my hands. When I held my glass, I can feel the heat in my hands and then my whole body can feel the nice heat too – through my veins. For seconds I knew that I just found my miracle. I believe that even a small – tiny – unnoticed event was made by God to help us to realize how rich is our life and the world around us!

Do you think I’m silly? You may think that way.

Imagine yourself being alone in a quiet monastery (trying to find out who you really are), struck by the wind (seems like winter in a tropical country) and trying to calm your soul … how good it feels to have a glass of coffee in your hands and suddenly it warms you up!

Be thankful for this miracle, because I am!

I believe I just found my miracle.

0659 pm

-Going for my last dinner here, I’m going home tomorrow-

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